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Select Your Lights

Our Marquee Light collection includes all capital letters and numbers as well as ampersands (&), exclamation points (!), question marks (?) and hashtags (#). We make each light by hand from a durable wood product (no splinters!) and finish them with white paint for a glossy and bright finish.

Each light stands four feet tall and ranges from two to three feet wide, so plan on three feet of floor space per letter when considering where to place them within your floor plan.


Select Your Bulb Style

For a sparkly and subtle look, choose our 8 watt clear starlight bulbs.

If you prefer a bright and bold display, choose our 15 watt clear globe bulbs.

If colors are your thing, choose from blue, pink, green, red, amber or yellow - or mix them together.  Available in both starlight and globe styles.

Add Some Extras

Floral LOVE
We created our Floral LOVE by imagining a blend of flower walls and marquee letters. Silk roses and peonies in shades of ivory and blush fade from densely packed at the top to more sparsely placed at the bottom, letting more boxwood greenery show through. Designed to accompany daytime ceremonies and for those who prefer greenery and flowers to lights.
Four feet tall like our letters and numbers, our heart marquee light can be displayed by itself as an accent piece or integrated with other marquee lights.

Small MR & MRS
Mirroring the design of our four foot marquee lights but standing just under two feet tall, our Small MR&MRS is designed to be displayed with the bride and groom's shared surname or by itself on a table or mantlepiece.


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